Information and Registration

Special COVID info

Covid Information Fall 2023: the state of Indiana and Oakwood no longer have any Covid precautions or restrictions in place. We recognize that some event attendees are high risk and want the weekend to be as safe as possible for everyone. Vaccination and mask wearing are highly recommended and appreciated to keep yourself and other attendees safe, but are not required. Private and shared rooms are available; if you want a roommate, please BYO if possible. If you ask us to make roommate matches, you do so at your own risk. You can use the WomenDrum Facebook page to ask for roomies as well. Camping is an available option; there is limited camping space available in the Thunder Barn, first come, first served, and note the request in your registration (plenty of camping space available, just not under cover). Smaller tents appreciated in the barn! We will work outside in the Thunder Barn as much as possible (unless the weather is really awful); meals will be in the community center.

If you become ill and may still be contagious during the event, Sally will fully refund your registration fee. If you’re sick, don’t come! By attending, you recognize that you will not necessarily be in a Covid-free environment and agree to take the risk without holding Sally or Oakwood liable if you become ill. Bottom line: all attendees are expected to be as considerate of others as possible, including being aware of Covid exposure the week before the event, and doing their best to come healthy. Sally will have extra masks and Covid test kits on site; BYO based on your comfort level. You are responsible for your health and please consider those around you as well. These guidelines are in line with other events I have seen advertised in the spring, reflecting where legal policy and personal risk levels are. Please let Sally know if you have questions regarding Covid.

Who Comes?

Women of all ages and from all walks of life. We’ve had teenagers as young as 13 come with their mothers, and we’ve had 60+ women come with their 80+ mothers. We’ve had college students, mothers who home school, lawyers, social workers, midwives, artists, dancers, musicians, writers, body workers, K-12 teachers, university professors, hair dressers, government workers, computer administrators, business women, women in religious orders, ritual practitioners, and retirees, for starters. They are diverse economically, politically, culturally, religiously, and in their sexual orientations. Most importantly, they are women who are open-minded, non-judgmental, curious, creative, spiritual, supportive, giving, playful, and fascinating, and they come to give themselves the time and space they need to feed their souls. You will be hard put to find a more amazing bunch of women anywhere! It’s worth coming to just hang out with these wonderful women for a weekend!

Beginning and End

Arrivals begin Friday at 4:00 p.m. Eastern. Come get settled in, hike and explore, take a nap, rent a drum, get your drum tuned or learn to do it yourself, or come do some warm-up drumming in the Thunder Barn or the Community Building. Dinner is at 6:30, and evening programming will start around 7:30. We end on Sunday after lunch.

Drum Rentals and Purchases

Steve Lange, owner of  Shekinah Rhythm Instruments, has been building drums since 1992 and has perfected high performance, light weight, stave-built African Style percussion: ashikos, djembe, and dun duns. Steve also builds custom sized African style drums with local hardwoods and woods from around the world.  You can find Steve on Facebook. Many of the ladies at WomenDrum gatherings have his drums. You can rent one for the weekend for $15, and rental can be applied to a purchase if you buy a drum. There may also be other vendors there who will have a selection of drums for sale, so leave room in your car, just in case…a drum could follow you home!

25th Anniversary WomenDrum!

Oakwood Retreat Center, Muncie, IN, Sept 22-24, 2023


Questions? Contact Sally via email or at 317-502-2308. Housing, dietary or accessibility issues: contact Oakwood at 765-747-7027.

Complete this form, print, and mail to: Sally Childs-Helton, 1563 11th St. NW, Hickory NC 28601, attention WomenDrum. Checks/money orders to Sally. Or email this info to Sally ( and pay by Zelle to 317-502-2308.
City: State: ZIP:
Phone Number: Email:
Drum rental needed?  Yes No
Vegan/Special diet needed?  Yes No
I want to room with:
Pre-register for body work, if desired: Full hour Half-hour
I want to have heated pool access for an extra $5 Yes
Cost: Fees are on a sliding scale based on annual household income and include room, board, instruction, and supplies for the weekend (Oakwood room and board is $360 for a shared room; the remainder pays for the facilitators, supplies, etc.).  General guidelines: lowest price less than $40,000/household; middle price $40,000-$75,000; highest price $75,000+/household. Contact Sally for more information.

Prices for shared rooms (private room add $40): Early Bird $400/$420/$440 (by 08-12); Timely Bird $405/$425/$445 (by 09-16); Procrastinating Bird $415/$435/$455 (after 09-16).

Prices for camping (includes meals and inside bathroom): Early Bird $240/$260/$280 (by 08-12); Timely Bird $245/$265/$285 (by 09-16); Procrastinating Bird $255/$275/$295 (after 09-16).

Saturday only (all classes, evening activities, 2 meals) is $130.  Saturday and 3 meals is $150. Drum rental is $15. Heated pool access is $5. No registration at the door.

Full fees enclosed:  (circle above what’s included)