17th Annual Spring Fling Drum Thing!

May 15-17, 2020, Oakwood Retreat Center, Muncie, IN

Join us for the 17th Annual Spring Fling Drum Thing women’s drumming weekend at Oakwood! Arrivals begin at 4:00 p.m. Eastern on Friday and we end on Sunday after lunch. Djembes and ashikos are available for rent ($15) or purchase.

enjoy the world garden during WomenDrumHere’s what to expect from your WomenDrum weekend:

  • hands-on instruction using drums, small hand percussion instruments, our bodies, and voices
  • the skills necessary to play comfortably in any group, regardless of experience or skill level
  • the guidance and support you need to reach your next level of playing and facilitation skills
  • the skills necessary to best teach yourself and others
  • improvisational and part-oriented world drumming, including African drumming
  • using body movement and voice to quickly learn drumming skills and synchronize groups
  • skills for accompanying dance, singing and chant
  • how to buy and care for drums and hand percussion
  • using the power of the drum for creativity, spirituality, healing, ritual, and community building
  • exploring rhythm from a female perspective; what to do when male and female energies clash

Break-outs for beginners focus on gaining a solid basic skill-set: correct playing technique; finding and keep an even beat; accurately subdividing beats and playing syncopated rhythms; ostinato-based improvising; listening skills, and playing simple African rhythms.

Break-outs for intermediate/advanced players focus on more complex rhythmic and performing concepts: additive and divisive rhythms; playing in odd and unusual meters; more complex tihais; arranging pieces for performance; extended playing techniques; improved independent coordination and listening skills; accompanying skills; creating powerful and expressive solos; teaching and facilitating techniques; and more challenging and complex world music rhythms, including African ensemble playing. We’ll stretch you as far as you want!

Other break-outs will include movement, dance, and chanting, and hopefully Japanese taiko drumming. The Saturday night breakouts will include chanting, and a percussion-based breakout. This time we’ll explore hand pans (google the term and listen to the YouTube videos!) and electronic percussion, things we’ve never explored before.

Other highlights will include: *Oakwood’s chocolate-chip cookies * Saturday night Fire and Water party (Bonfire drumming/chanting and a pool party, weather permitting) * Optional yoga morning and evening * Optional instrument making or arts workshops * Hiking * A spring peeper & coyote serenade * Wonderful food * Cozy rooms * Walking in the World Garden * Indiana in the spring * Bluebells by the river * Vendors * And an incredible, diverse, wonderful group of women!

The movement, chant, yoga, and arts activities will be led by wonderful professional facilitators. Vendors will be on-site offering instruments, clothing, jewelry, etc., and professional body workers will be available for optional half- and one-hour massages (ca. $65 an hour).

flowerCome celebrate the Spring, refresh your mind and spirit, and recharge your creativity!

Drum in a safe, supportive, and playful environment!

NOTE: Many photos are clicky… so click to embiggen!