Administrative and Event Info17 Feb 2014 08:27 pm

Originally posted 2-17-14… updated 4-5-15… updated again 9-26-19… updated again 7-10-2021… updated again 6-9-2022…and updated again 3-16-2023

From Sally: More information on the sliding scale registration experiment: after talking to Oakwood at length, we are trying a sliding scale this spring to accommodate folks with more limited incomes, while helping Oakwood and me run this event in the black. The scale is a suggestion; there are no financial police and no judgment. Bottom line: if you value Oakwood and this weekend, please help support it as much as you can. Oakwood’s food costs have gone up about $18 per person per weekend to ensure organic, high-quality meals. Bottom line: the current Oakwood room and board fee is $192 for a shared room for the weekend. Whatever is on top of that is the facilitation fee, which pays for close to 15 hours of instruction by multiple facilitators, handouts, all-day coffee and tea, the bonfire and pool, access to instruments, some snacks, and other assorted goodies and stuff. All discounts come out of the facilitation fee. I’ve kept the average facilitation fee at $50 or less for years and have decreased the facilitation fee to cover some of Oakwood’s rising costs to keep things as affordable as possible, but things have reached a point where I can’t continue to do that and run in the black. The lowest tier of the sliding scale is last fall’s rates, without the food increase. The middle and top tier are last fall’s rates with the food increase factored in. Hopefully those paying at the lower rate will be offset by those paying the top rate and Oakwood and I can run in the black. Please consider: if you pay at the lowest tier early bird rate of $220, your facilitation fee is $28; middle tier, $48; upper tier, $68. So Oakwood and I are asking you to think about the Buddhist concept of dana—giving as a spiritual practice, and paying what something is truly worth to you. Sorry if this is too much information, but we offer it in the spirit of transparency as Oakwood enters into a time of transition. Yell if you have questions or comments.

Fees are as below:

Early bird $220/$240/$260 (by April 5)
regular $225/$245/$265 (by May 29)
late $235/$255/$275 (after May 29).

As of March 2023, Oakwood’s price for 2023 is $360 for a shared room, and there is special event insurance due to Covid, making the prices higher than usual. We will not match people – work out roommates ahead of registering. For private rooms add $40.

  • Early Bird $400/$420/$440 (by 03-31)
  • Timely Bird $405/$425/$445 (by 05-12)
  • Procrastinating Bird $415/$435/$455 after (05-12)

Camping (includes meals and inside bathroom):

  • Early Bird $240/$260/$280 (by 03-31)
  • Timely Bird $245/$265/$285 (by 05-12)
  • Procrastinating Bird $255/$275/$295 (after 05-12)

Income guidelines: lowest tier, household income below $40,000; middle tier $40,000-$75,000; upper $75,000+.

NOTE: Prices have been updated for 2023. See the registration page for updated pricing…